My research falls into four broad categories:

  • Higher Education Finance and Policy
  • Lobbying and Interest Groups in Education
  • Politics and Public Policy in Higher Education
  • Civic, Religious, and Political Engagement

Most of my work treats postsecondary institutions as units of analysis. I’m very interested in the ways in which colleges and universities impact the public policy process through organized political action and lobbying activity.  I’m also very interested in how colleges and universities instill civic values and behaviors in their students.

I am also very interested in the unintended consequences of policymaking. For instance, I am interested in how broad-sweeping public policies – like minimum wage increases – affect colleges and universities, even though such institutions are not targeted as part of minimum wage increases. As another example, I am currently working on a paper that examines how the introduction of Uber and other ride-share companies to a metropolitan area impacts student drinking behaviors at colleges the vicinity.

For more information on my research see my CV above.