I’m an Assistant Professor of the Practice of Higher Education in the Educational Studies Department and Founding Director of the College Crisis Initiative (C2i) at Davidson College. My research interests include higher education policy and finance, politics and public opinion as related to equity in higher education, public management, and civic engagement. I examine higher education institutions as political actors and the outcomes associated with their attempts to impact the political process. Much of my work focuses on higher education institution lobbyists and their activities in Washington, DC, but I also am interested in how state-level political decisions – like raising the minimum wage – impact higher education institutions. As director of C2i, I have expanded my research portfolio into working on the public health issues surrounding higher education institutions and the COVID-19 crisis. My research has been published in peer-reviewed journals like Educational Researcher and Research in Higher Education. My work also has been featured in many national and international media outlets including InsideHigherEd, Times Higher Education, The Chronicle of Higher Education, USA Today, TheĀ Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times.