Relative to other graduate students and PhD candidates, I have extensive teaching experience in both the undergraduate and graduate settings. This fall, I am the instructor of record for a 20 person introductory undergraduate class in public policy at Vanderbilt. The course gives students real-life experience working for clients in the public and non-profit sectors as well as covers the theory and practice of policymaking. The clients include two Nashville City Councilmen, the Nashville Electric Service, Sister Cities of Nashville, and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. Students will produce white papers for each of these clients by the end of the semester than answer a major policy problem the clients developed for this project.

In Spring 2017, I taught a course in strategic enrollment management to graduate students in Vanderbilt’s higher education administration, international education and policy management, and master of public policy programs. I am slated to teach that course again in Spring 2018.

I have also served as a teaching assistant for 5 professors across 6 classes at 2 major research universities and given invited guest lectures or speaking opportunities at 4 universities across 2 continents.

Lastly, after two years of instruction in best practices for teaching and learning, I received a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching from Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching and Learning in December 2016.

For more information on my teaching experience, see my CV above.