Published Peer-Reviewed Publications

Scholarly Journal Articles

Marsicano, C. R., & *Brooks, C. (2020) “Professor Smith goes to Washington: Education interest group activity in Congress, 1998 – 2017.” Educational Researcher. 


Evans, B. J., Marsicano, C. R., & Lennartz, C. J. (2019). Cracks in the bedrock of American democracy: Differences in civic engagement across institutions of higher education. Educational Researcher48(1), 31-44.


Drake, A. & Marsicano, C. R. (2019) Attack and parry: An examination of gubernatorial rhetoric and agenda setting for higher education in Texas. Texas Education Review, 7(1), 58-75.

Book Chapters

Braxton, J. M., Francis, C. H., Kramer, J. W., & Marsicano, C. R. (2018). Inventorying the scholarship of teaching and learning literature. In Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research (pp. 81-125). Springer, Cham.


Policy Briefs for Government and Non-Profit Clients

Marsicano, C. R. & Wyche, S. (2019). Differential Tuition by Residency Status: Landscape and Corollaries. Response to an inquiry by the North Dakota State Auditor’s Office prepared for the Midwestern Higher Education Compact.

*Current or former students with asterisks and underlined.